Top 5 Tips for being consistent at the gym

Top 5 Tips for being consistent at the gym

New exercisers often struggle to develop consistency in a workout; for them, the idea of won’t be exciting as lunch or cheat days. After going to the gym for a few days, they start getting bored. The newbies start making excuses to avoid exercising, and soon after the excuses pile up and they end up giving up.

It’s always fun to begin new things – be that joining the well-equipped gym or working out at home – the hardest part is sticking to it for the long term. Two years ago I started working out at Beach Fit – The best f45 gym in Bondi Beach– but I did not pass through the four weeks program. I wanted results instantly and as they were not coming through I kinda lost that kick.

But I got back into the scene after working around and figuring out what I actually wanted. So here I am back into gym three, four times a week and kicking them health goals. But how? There is a lot of back story to it, but here are things that you need to start working right away to get back on the show. Its never late!

Start Now

The very common human habit – procrastination. We often postpone things that we don’t like to do, getting up is one of them, and working out is the other.

To keep yourself consistent in the gym and establish workout as a forever habit, you have to start now. Once you are habituated to your routine, your brain forces you to continue what are you doing, but the most difficult thing is to get started.

So grab your gym bag, pack all the essentials, head to the gym and let the desire to finish take you to your goal.

Daily Challenge for Yourself

Giving yourself daily goals or daily challenges are the best ways to keep you consistent because you get the real purpose to work out every day. You don’t need to plan a month-long routine and goals, start with something simple and achievable.

Don’t set massive goals that you cannot achieve, take baby steps to move ahead. Treat yourself with some French macarons after you are done for the day; treating yourself is a great way to keep up with your daily challenges.

Don’t make excuses

Excuses – the most significant mistake people usually make when trying to do something new in the long term. People make various kinds of excuses for skipping the gym – they’re tired, too busy, they are on vacation, they are not well and many more.

Some days not working out is okay, but once you start constantly making excuses, this breaks your habit, and you won’t be sticking to your goals.

Try not making excuses; remember where there is will, there is a way.

Participate in an Event

Signing up for an event is worth considering, it gives a firm deadline. You don’t have any control over the schedule of the event; there’s no way you can postpone it. You should participate in a walkathon, triathlon or any team building events in your locale. This gives you the motive to practice and train for.

Refresh your playlist

And finally, refresh your playlist with all of your favourite songs, music drives you to work out more, and if it’s your favourite one, you’re up for an amazing workout session. Don’t let the boring music in the gym be an excuse for not working out. Get yourself a good headphone and get kill your gym sessions.

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