How to Have Fun and Keep Fit This Winter

How to Have Fun and Keep Fit This Winter

As the months grow colder, the prospect of going outside seems to become more and more daunting. Gone are the days of sunny park jogs, exchanged for dark and muddy dog walks. But why should the cold stop you from keeping fit? The endorphins we get from exercise are just as important for our mental wellbeing as they are for our physical. The activities below are fun ways to keep yourself moving this winter, whether it’s to keep your kids entertained on rainy days or to maintain your healthy habits as we come into the comfort-eating holiday season.

Get Into Yoga

If you want a casual way to maintain your fitness, yoga is perfect. Classes are held indoors away from the harsh weather, although if you want a free alternative, you can practice it at home. There are lots of videos available over the internet which offer full practices for any skill level. Geared towards strength and flexibility, this activity is encouraged amongst all age groups, young and old. You can never begin too early or start too late to reap the benefits of yoga, as it is one of the most accessible forms of exercise. Athletic wear is recommended, but most importantly we suggest you use a mat for both your comfort and safety.

Try Out Ice Skating

One of the best outings you can make in the winter months is ice skating. Able to keep yourself bundled up and enjoy a hot chocolate after, this is a fantastic way to move about that doesn’t even feel like exercise. Perfect for dates, group outings and quality family time, this inexpensive treat strengthens muscles and improves balance. For those who take it more seriously, it provides an intense cardio workout to your push your fitness levels. Casual goers can rent equipment from the facilities themselves, and youth figure skates like these are perfect for skaters who want to transition their hobby into a passion and invest in their own. The beauty of this activity is there are lots of locations that offer both indoor and outdoor ice rinks, so if you fall in love with it, there’s no need to wait till winter!

Take a Dip

Swimming is another example of an intense cardio workout where you don’t even realize how much you’ve moved until you feel your muscles ache after. Indoor pools make cold weather a non-factor, and because the buoyant water relives the pressure from your joints, a trip to the local pool provides a myriad of health benefits for people of all ages. Whether splashing about with the kids, or timing your laps, this is a truly accessible sport which masks itself as a fun day out, and there are lots of accessories which can enhance the fun.

There are many different ways to keep yourself smiling and moving this winter. We have tailored these suggestions to negate the harsh cold of the season. They offer fun and cheap alternatives to the dreaded gym, and can be taken as seriously or as casually as you like!

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