Control Is Key: Proper Form While Resistance Training

Control Is Key: Proper Form While Resistance Training

While cardiovascular exercise is the preferred choice, anaerobic exercises such as resistance and weight training are equally important.

Some people avoid weight training because it’s too difficult or because they fear injury. Understanding the basics can help you avoid common errors and injury, these tips are to ensure you get the most out of your workouts.

Form Is Key

No matter what exercise you do, good form is essential. Form is the way you move weight when you lift, lower or pull it.

Form includes the way you breathe during an exercise, and how fast you perform each repetition.

A slower, more controlled motion reduces injury risk and prevents strength imbalances.

Speed Matters

It is important to know how much time your muscles are under tension. A repetition is the act of lifting, pushing, pulling, or lowering a weight. A series of repetitions constitutes a set.

You should pay more attention to technique and the time it takes to finish a rep.

Safety is your top priority when determining the right speed to move at. Beginners should stick to slow, deliberate movements. The safest and most appropriate speed for the harder lifting phase is three to four seconds. It’s the same speed as the slower lowering phase. Mentally count the time between lifting and lowering weights and completing each exercise.

Avoid Inappropriate Form

There is a higher chance that you will use improper form during the harder or heavier phase of a weightlifting set. This includes bouncing, twisting or jerking to complete the rep. To avoid injury, slow down these movements to ensure proper form.

You might have trouble maintaining your form if you lift too much weight.

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Variable Speeds

It is a good idea to vary your speed while lifting weights for a healthy adult who exercises regularly. For example, you might take five to ten seconds for each repetition in Week One, three to four seconds in Week Two, then two seconds for the next week.

People with heart disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, or other medical conditions like heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes should move slower, especially when resistance training. Avoid explosive or sudden movements.

How Movement Influences Momentum

Remember that weight training requires more momentum to aid the muscles. The muscles only receive resistance for a fraction of a second of each rep if there is excessive momentum. The rest of the resistance is transferred onto the joints, bones, and other muscles.

Slower and more controlled movements reduce the chance of injury.

Muscle Strength vs. Size

You can gain the most strength by using more sets and lower repetitions with heavyweights. This will exhaust your muscles at the end of each set.

You can increase your muscle size by using fewer sets and a lighter weight that allows you to do six to twelve reps.

You can increase your muscular endurance by performing fewer sets and using high rep ranges. Also, you can use lighter weights to do 15 or more reps.

Remember: The individual will decide how much weight, how many sets and how many reps they do. What are your goals, experiences, and overall health (including any past injuries)?

Excessive momentum is when the muscles only receive resistance for a fraction of a second per repetition. The rest of the resistance is transferred onto the joints, bones, and other muscles.

Safety Must Be First

When you do any type of exercise, safety should be your top priority. If you are unsure about your health or have just completed physical therapy, it is a good idea to consult your doctor before starting any exercise program.

When exercising, pay attention to your body. Talk to your doctor immediately if you feel dizzy or short of breath, nauseated, or experiencing pain while exercising.

Our best medicine is exercise. Resistance training is a science. It can help you gain strength and endurance, while also preventing injury.

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