Be Cautious around Fire and Learn all about the use of a Fire Blanket

Be Cautious around Fire and Learn all about the use of a Fire Blanket

Fire blankets are concrete, fire-resistant, or non-flammable items that can help you fight temperatures that exceed up to 482 °C (900 °F). They suffocate small fires by blocking the oxygen that fuels the flames. Its simple usage criteria enable any person to use it, also the one who is inexperienced in using a fire extinguisher. Learn the use of a fire blanket so that in case of fire, you can protect yourself and others.

Method 1: It puts out the fire

  • Take out the fire blanket from the pouch by pulling down the tabs that are hanging down from the rear side of the package. Fire blankets are normally stored in little bags with two tabs hanging down. Once you pull down the tabs, it will cause the fire blanket to release.
  • Don’t forget to protect your hands. Before approaching the fire, roll the corners of the blanket on your hands, or you can also take the use of flame retardant mitts if available nearby at the time emergency.
  • Place the fire blanket on top of the flames. Once you have managed to secure your hands, you can take you out of the flames safely. Begin with one side of the fire and move in gradually. If you throw the bottom of the fire blanket on the farthermost side of flames, it can cause the fire to creep up on top of the blanket, which will make the situation worse.
  • Leave the blanket on the spot for 15 minutes, and do not touch the blanket until it cools down.

Method 2: extinguishing fire from clothes

  • If there is a situation where a person has caught fire on the clothes, wrap the person in the fire blanket. Find the best fire blankets out there and edges first to protect your hands and then roll the person in the blanket until the fire is burnt out.
  • Instruct the person to stop moving, drop, and roll. This is the safety technique used to contract fire.

Method 3: how to store your fire blanket

  • You will have to store the fire blanket in a place where you have swift access in case of an emergency. Keep it in a place that easy-to-reach that you can approach without any trouble. It is best to store the blanket in the kitchen because it is the place that has the most tendency of breaking out the fire.

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