5 Great Hitting Tips for Youth Baseball Players

5 Great Hitting Tips for Youth Baseball Players

As a result of diverse set ups and stances, you will find various ways for how you can hit a baseball.  Yet when a hitter reaches the contact stage that is where all the variations end and the absolutes and similarities begin.

In case you evaluate Johnny Damon (who has an extremely open stance and a leg kick), to Albert Pujols (wide posture and he has hardly any movement), and to David Eckstein (gets in his legs a whole lot, chokes up and sticks very close to the plate) you will realize that in the beginning they look totally different.

BUT… as you remove the pre-pitch rhythm, that leg kicks and all sorts of the other motion that is personal choice, you will find they are a whole lot alike.

That five absolutes are noticed at contact.  Regardless of how a hitter reaches the contact point of his swing action, almost all wonderful hitters do the same task.

How you can hit a baseball – The five absolutes of a great swing

Every single great hitter is going to do these five things on an ideal swing.  Sometimes, based on a pitch, not all five will probably be achieved each time.  It is crucial to keep in mind that hitting is a fight, and frequently using your athletic capability to hit a ball will overcome all the perfect technicians we will discuss.

1. Hitting against a firm front side

That does not usually mean a rigid leg, you could have a slight flex but this leg is to get the rest of the body and hands at the rear of the baseball. This leg will stop your forward push and begin the axis of rotation that you’ll certainly be hitting on. This will be significant, you lose that firm front side you lose numerous bat velocity and your head movement drastically raises.

2.  Hold your back foot on its toe

As you make your backside and choose to swing, the push you generate going toward the baseball will probably be suddenly halted by your firm front side so that you can start rotation, what’s left is usually your back toe on or somewhat off the floor.

3. The hands are in a palm up or palm down position

On the right handed batter if you required the bat away at contact and had him open up his wrists his right hand should be oriented straight up towards the sky (or receiving the money) as well as the left hand must be oriented to the ground. This kind of youth bat hold is the most effective posture you could be in at contact.

4. Head on the ball

I.e. Viewing the ball in its contact stage.  This may be clear, yet it isn’t really simple.  Understanding how to hit a baseball depends on knowing how see the ball.  How you can be a better baseball hitter

5. The Ones back knee, back waist and head should be in a straight line

A good thought is always to stick a rod in the ground through your knee, hip and head and then turn around that rod. The fact that guarantees you’re not too far forward losing power and never too much bat getting tangled up and developing an uphill inconsistent swing action

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