4 Ways to Attract Young People to Your Golf Country Club

4 Ways to Attract Young People to Your Golf Country Club

In the wake of shifting cultural trends and new technology, it can be difficult to attract young millennials to your golf club. By adjusting marketing strategies and making changes around the clubhouse and course, you can make your country club more appealing to a younger audience while still retaining your current membership base. Consider some of the tips listed below to give your membership numbers a boost.

Adapt Your Technology

With the wave of new quality of life gadgets and applications available today, it’s no wonder that many people expect to be able to conduct plenty of transactions via an automated serving system or an online booking service. Invest in your online presence and update your site’s appearance in addition to getting an app for your club. By making your club more accessible and user friendly for those who spend a good amount of their time on their phones, you will increase your brand’s presence and accessibility. An additional benefit is that by providing the ability to conduct many transactions and complete services via online portals or an app, you will lessen the workload on your in-house staff. Have golf course management oversee the transition to help determine the best way to roll out the changes to the current membership base.

Lower Your Restrictions

Make your golf club appear more inclusive to potential members by loosening up on some of the usual standards, such as relaxing on dress code restrictions. While good grooming and the standard rules of golf should still be expected, consider taking a step back and allowing members to wear t-shirts and jeans instead of requiring collared shirts and slacks.

Offer Shorter Commitments

Offer shorter commitment options for both golf rounds and membership subscriptions. Short-term subscriptions will not only encourage more members to give your club a chance, it will also appeal to seasonal golfers who only play during certain times of the year. You can use a similar principle for the number of holes when it comes to booking tee times. Offer shorter round options, such as 3 and 6 holes in addition to the standard 9 and 18.

Improve Your Gym

Invest time into improving your gym accommodations. By making your gym something worthy of note, members will have a reason to keep coming to the course all throughout the year even if they are a seasonal golfer.

By embracing new technology and trends, you can make your country club the place to be for young millennials.

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