Best Universities To Watch A College Football Game

Best Universities To Watch A College Football Game

There are beautiful campuses all over the country. From the schools with warm climates along the west coast to the schools on the east coast that have a distinct feel to their fall campuses. There are a myriad of great campuses. However, to enjoy a fantastic football atmosphere during a Saturday game, there needs to be more than stunning surroundings. It is essential to have an energy on your campus which is infectious. The school must have a dedicated crowd of supporters who will always be there to cheer on their team during both the good and bad. I’m going through my opinion of the top universities across the country that you can enjoy the game of college football at.

Ole Miss (Mississippi) Rebels Ole Miss (Mississippi) Rebels Ole Miss that is situated within Oxford, MS is one of the coolest spots in the United States to enjoy the excitement of a gameday in college football. Ole Miss has a loyal and enthusiastic crowd that is constantly present and enjoying their autumn Saturdays. One thing Ole Miss does during the fall season at Ole Miss is that they hold a massive tailgate prior to every home game , which they refer to as the Grove. This Grove is a large space on campus that everyone set up their tailgates and throws an enormous party prior to the game. I’ve not had the opportunity to see it, however I know friends who attend Ole Miss and they say that it’s different from any other place livescore. The energy and the great atmosphere are unmatched and everyone seems at having a fantastic time. These Rebel supporters certainly are able to tailgate in correctly.

University of Wisconsin – The University of Wisconsin which is located in Madison, WI and is another school that has a fantastic tailgate atmosphere. This is among the schools that has a loyal fans right all the way to the very core. They will be there in large numbers, regardless of whether they are having a great or bad season They will be there. They don’t even begrudge the weather there. It can get pretty cold in cold winter months (sub the minus temperature) but the fans are always on display and make the most of the enjoyment. The tailgating experience at Madison is distinct from other schools because there is a tailgate outside and a grilling, however drinking is an integral part of the enjoyment.

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