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Three Creative Ways to Get Active and Stay Healthy

Three Creative Ways to Get Active and Stay Healthy

If you struggle to stay active and get enough exercise on a regular basis, you’re not alone. Research has shown that almost 80% of Americans don’t get the recommended amount of vigorous exercise to maintain optimum health. It can be tough to break old habits and develop new wellness routines, especially if exercise feels like a chore that’s difficult to schedule. It may be time to change your definition of a good workout by considering one of these three activities as a new possible exercise routine in your life.

Playing a Round of Golf

Taking a trip to the golf course is an excellent way to get moving and burn some serious calories while having fun. Of course, you’ll need to skip the cart, walk all 18 holes and carry your clubs yourself to turn this game into an actual workout. Use an app or website to book golf tee times online to make it easy to find great rates and save some cash. Golf is also a great way to exercise with a friend. If you need accountability to help you stick to your new exercise plan, give this method a try.

Visiting Your Local Zoo

Just walking briskly can do wonders for your health. While it’s easy to take a walk in your own neighborhood, this may not be a scenic or even safe option for many people. Using a treadmill can be very monotonous and therefore make walking feel like a drudgery. Instead, consider a membership to your local zoo. It’s literally designed for walking with plenty to see while you get your steps in. For parents, it can be an added bonus by entertaining your kids while you get your workout done. To make your walk even more productive, push your kids in a stroller and don’t avoid the inclines.

Cleaning Your Home and Yard

Keeping your home and yard in great shape is an excellent way to raise your heart rate, work your muscles and improve your environment all at the same time. For those who struggle to find time to exercise, cleaning can feel like killing two birds with one stone. Vacuum, mop or rake while moving quickly, scrub showers and surfaces vigorously and squat often to pull weeds and clean hard to reach places towards the floor. While you’re working on laundry, keep the basket on the floor and fold while standing so you have to stretch every time you pick up a new article of clothing to fold.

It’s easier than you think to make exercise accessible, useful and fun. Find something you love to help you make working out a routine habit in your life.

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