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She is 63 Years Old and These Are Her Secrets to Being a Fit Grandmother

She is 63 Years Old and These Are Her Secrets to Being a Fit Grandmother

Lesley Maxwell is 63 years old and has a toned and lean body. Age has not been an impediment to exercising , it does five times a week. The results have attracted younger men than her.

He lives in Melbourne steroide online kaufen, Australia, and is professionally engaged in full-time fitness , which contributes to having a body not associated with people his age. He trains an hour a day, during which he stretches, squats, and weights.

He started exercising until he was 48 years old. Just a year later, he won his first bodybuilding competition. She is divorced from a man who takes 13 years, currently she is single.

According to Maxwell, his fit body attracts younger winstrol kaufen men. She says that all her partners have been younger than her (Photo: Instagram @

Maxwell moved from the beauty industry to the fitness industry, that lifestyle change has made her feel better than ever. She had always had an interest in healthy habits and was determined to “find a way to nourish my body to look and feel younger,” she said in an interview with the British newspaper  Daily Mail .

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One of the things he enjoys with this change in his way of life is being strong and winning bets with men to see who lifts the most weight. His mother used to tell him that “boys don’t like girls with muscles, but I know they do!” .

Before being a personal trainer I was a makeup artist. To date he has won almost 30 titles for his impressive physique (Photo: Instagram @

Before becoming a personal trainer, she was a makeup artist . But his new life has brought him several satisfactions, such as winning almost 30 titles for his impressive physique . The decision to pursue bodybuilding was made after watching a television competition where women paraded in heels and bikinis. A day later he started exercising.

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Maxwell shared some of the secrets that have kept her young . “First of all, take care of yourself and your body with nutrient-dense foods – no refined or junk food! Train with weights to create a younger-looking body as it allows you to tone your glutes and arms better.”

The woman says that she does not feel judged when she trains in the gym because in that environment age does not matter (Photo: Instagram @

In addition to stretching and abdominals, her routine includes squats and pressure on the chest. The woman claims that with this she is happier and healthier than ever and her love life is just as satisfying . “Younger men always come to me, I feel ageless, so it works.”

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Maxwell’s current lifestyle has also helped her gain self-confidence and expand her social circle, because at the gym and in competitions she has made friends. The woman also spoke to her colleagues who avoid exercising for fear of feeling exposed:. Dont wait! I think all women would like to bring back their appeal. ”

On his Instagram he publishes photos in which he presumes his figure, his routine and gives some tips on healthy eating. Her followers continually comment on her body and encourage her to move on.

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