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4 Simple Ways Your Fitness Software Can Help You Win New Clients

4 Simple Ways Your Fitness Software Can Help You Win New Clients

When you first started looking at business software for your fitness studio, much of the emphasis was on features that would help you run the business. What you found is that the best software packages also included features that your clients could put to good use. Now that your existing clientele is putting those features to good use, it’s time to brainstorm a few ways your software for salon management can also be utilized to connect with potential customers. Here are a few ways you can make this wonderful resource into a powerful marketing tool.

Hold an Open House

Have you ever held an open house? If so, you know that the best way to attract attention is by getting your current members to invite people to attend. Use the software feature that allows you to send reminders and notices to your clients via email or text message. Encourage them to attend and to bring a friend. At least some of those visitors will like what they see and decide to join or at least sign up for a class or two.

Create Bring a Guest Days

Do you currently allow clients to bring guests along for a workout? If not, now is the time to hold a couple of Guest Days. The idea is to send out messages to all members and let them know that the next two Saturdays are set aside for them to bring guests for workouts at no charge. Make sure there is a way for interested guests to request more information about the fitness studio. That provides you with a qualified list of potential new customers.

Hold Competitions and Invite New Faces

Special events like swimming competitions or weight lifting contests are a great way to encourage clients to show what your centre is doing for them. Sweeten the deal by allowing them to bring guests along to enjoy the competition. Conduct free tours of the facility in between the competitions. At least a few visitors are likely to decide your studio would be the perfect spot to work out and sign up.

Offer Rewards for Sponsoring New Clients

Since the software for crossfit workouts and other fitness programs allows you to send messages out to current clients, why not offer them rewards that motivate them to encourage friends to become members? For example, you could offer them one month’s free membership for every new member they bring in who commits to one year. Even if you have a client who signs up 12 new members, you still end up with more clients and a more lucrative revenue stream.

The communication tools in your fitness studio software are one of the most important resources you have for growing the business. Try these strategies and see how well they work. Before long, you will think of a few more ways to put those client-focused features to a wider range of ways to attract new customers.

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