Best Fishing Kayak Reviews: A Fishing Kayak Checklist

Best Fishing Kayak Reviews: A Fishing Kayak Checklist

You’re ready to hit the water and get some of the much-needed time out for dinner and potentially fresh fish. If you’re like me, you’ll notice that you’ve missed a much-needed element no matter how often you head out and how often you prepare. You agree next time, it’s going to be the first item on the list… Just to figure out that you have missed some important item. Here’s a short rundown of the things you need and other critical factors when equipping your kayak for fishing.

Whether you outfit your fishing kayak and how you prepare it depends on the type of fishing you do and the weather you are going to encounter. Small streams and reservoirs need factors separate from, for example, offshore big game fishing. Because of the limited storage on the kayak and the number of items you need (as well as the large amount of fish you’ll be returning with, of course) you’ll need to be properly outfitted–not just for your pleasure, but for your own health.

Any style of fishing you intend to do, kayaking fishing has some special concerns as the space on a kayak is so small. What posts do you most often access? Prioritizing certain things that you need to access most often will be crucial, and keeping them within easy reach. Many anglers prefer keeping it simple and having the minimum amount of gear: some like bringing anything they might like. There are some simple attachments that can improve, or render it more angler-friendly, a kayak’s fish-ability.

We’ve discussed fishing kayaks in other review articles so here you’ll presume you’ve picked the kayak that better suits your needs and are ready to continue. It’s also believed that you, more than anyone else, realize what fishing gear you need…. So, despite the kayak and fishing gear-what more are you going to need?

It seems at first sight that you’ll need little more than your fishing gear and the kayak. When I first found the fun of fishing with kayaks, I was so excited to hit the water for a few hours of relaxation that I did not consider the protective products that were at the forefront of any tested outfitting list. One eve however, I found myself returning in the dark from boating lanes as the days were getting shorter… I had lost a flashlight-actually, forgotten is probably not the right word-I said it intentionally that morning as the batteries had to be changed and I said, “I don’t need this, I’m going to be home well before dusk”… And I felt myself hitting in frenzy when I heard motorboats coming and yelling my presence… To which I heard angry voices responding in the dark: “Go out of the tub, you dang idiot”…

I have built and imprinted a checklist after that. I address it in multiple copies to the wall of my house, then manually test each object as it is packed. I’m not going to assume you’re as unorganized as I am, but when I speak to others, I always hear tales of excursions that are remarkable about what was left behind.

I have posted my rundown of innovations and I hope you find it useful. Fill in your own things and share them with friends. Don’t miss the health things please. I mention them first, because of their significance. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the beach.

KAYAK FISHING CHECKLIST: Fishing licence in a dry bag (depending on the state requirements) Vessel identification in a dry bag (depending on vessel and state requirements) A Float Plan Safety: Life Jacket (Personal Flotation Device or PFD) VHF Radio GPS and/or Compass GPS, compass, and phone chart (completely charged and in a dry bag)

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