Randal Benjamin Proposes to Beat Obesity & Illness with Basketball!

Randal Benjamin Proposes to Beat Obesity & Illness with Basketball!

Gone are the days when children willingly went to parks or courts to play basketball with their friends. The age of social media has hooked the younger generation on to chatting, website surfing and hours sitting in front of a computer. Children nowadays hardly goes out to play let alone engage in sports like football or basketball. It is time for parents, teachers, and coaches to spread awareness of why the youth should take up basketball for mental and physical health.

Randal Benjamin Shares How To Improve Endurance and Agility with Basketball

Randal Benjamin is a popular athlete in Las Vegas in the Nevada region of the USA. He plays football and basketball. His favorite teams are Oakland Raiders and LA Lakers. He says that his love for the sport has made him share awareness and educate the young generation on the mental and health benefits of basketball. He says that instead of sitting at home in front of a computer or a smartphone, it is high time to step out and start playing a team game like basketball. He says that it is important to be physically active. The digital age has its pros, but at the same time, it has its cons as well that are detrimental to the future of the modern generation.

How does basketball help?

He says that basketball helps the youth to become physically active and mentally agile. The importance of being active has decreased and if one looks around, one will find more and more young people suffering from obesity. Obesity is a silent killer. Hitting the gym for obese people can be challenging. Lifting heavy weights and doing extensive cardio workouts can be boring and monotonous for most obese people.

Moreover, the chief problem that most people face is the motivation. It is easy for them to give up easily. They lose interest, and they stop exercising.

Basketball can cure obesity

Basketball is a team game; so here you are not playing alone. You have others in the team with whom you can exercise. This helps you to stay motivated, and you can ward off those extra calories in no time. Both men and women play basketball. It does not always have to be on the competitive levels. You can start off at the friendly neighborhood basketball court, and in no time, you will start to enjoy and love the game from the bottom of your heart. Younger people need to get out and play. They are the best examples for kids who will follow suit. This way, instances of obesity and disease can decline over the time.

Randal Benjamin adds that basketball is fun, interactive, sporting and entertaining. It is full of action, and you will never face a boring phase once you start playing with your team. It is better that the younger lot starts spending more time on the court rather than on their smartphones.  Not only will that make them fit, but it will boost their self-esteem as well!

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